Daily Riches: Five Most Popular Posts in 2015

Happy new years and major thanks for all of you who subscribe to (or otherwise follow) and share my blog. It’s definitely a labor of love for me, and your interest, prayers and support mean a lot.

My Stats:

  • Posted 295 times  (602 posts in the archives)
  • Read in 18 Countries (including Zimbabwe)
  • Viewed 33,000 times in 2015

The most popular post on my busiest traffic day (167 views) was Daily Riches: When More Knowledge, Enthusiasm and Motivation Doesn’t Work (Pete Scazzero).

So, especially to the many who encourage me, to those who are giving prayerful consideration to the posts, to those who read on a daily basis–but really to everyone involved in this project … THANK YOU. I love the connection we have, the “riches” we can share together, and the knowledge that God is at work in all of it.

May you live in the love of God, surrounded by the grace of God–and may God be glorified.


5 thoughts on “Daily Riches: Five Most Popular Posts in 2015

  1. Hi Bill, 2015 turned out to be a difficult climb. Your posts brought clarify many times and I chew on the content and share with others as so often it hits many areas of our lives. Thank you for the willingness to allow God to use you to shake our minds. Many times you have brought questions at the close of the blog that I had to just stop and reflect. So many of the posts have calmed, corrected, and centered me for the very thing I needed that day. May you have an abundant grace-filled 2016. We now live in Panama and you will be touching another country!


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