Daily Riches – Publishing Changes

I’ve realized lately that it’s time for me to take a break from the daily publishing of this blog. I need to step back, rest, attend to some other things and other people, and give myself more time to live with the content before I publish it. I’ve resisted doing this for some time because of my love for the project, my sense of responsibility to my readers–and other things like ambition and worrying about what others would think–or how the project might lose momentum. I realize that I have to commit the fate of this project to God without regard to those things, and free up time to do more of what I have been writing about: loving well, resting and relaxing, slowing down, being less driven, and making space for contemplation. I always want this blog to be an overflow of what God is doing with me and never turn into something more like a deadline to meet. (It’s more work than I ever imagined to post something of quality six days a week.)

I’m still planning to write Daily Riches, but I’m afraid the name won’t fit so well anymore–not as far as the “Daily” part. I’m still going to post, but only when I want to, and when I can without interfering with the things I’m mentioned that need more attention. Maybe eventually, like after a sabbatical, I will return to the regular schedule. Thank you so much, faithful readers and new friends for your support–many of you have been reading almost since the beginning over two years ago. I hope you’ll still stay tuned for Riches that will come your way–albeit less frequently. And certainly, and especially if you’re a more recent subscriber, you may want to work through the archives. There’s a lot of great stuff there–most of it definitely worth reading more than one or two times. I still believe this project is important and unique, and I have really appreciated the support and feedback from many along the way.

Please pray for me in the meantime, and for the continuing influence and success of this project. As always, I wish the best for you, as you seek after God, and as God seeks after you.


21 thoughts on “Daily Riches – Publishing Changes

  1. As a recent subscriber of only a few months I will very much miss your though-provoking pieces. However, I am encouraged by your reason to take a break. It’s far more important to do what brings us into closer touch with God than to read about it (or in your case, to write about it.) So I pray the blessing of God on you and the sure sense of His presence with you on every step of your journey.
    Joan Houston (South Africa)


  2. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. In most days when I feel my soul’s longing is so desperately seeking for something that will draw me back to that intimate place with God, it’s your writings that give me that space and momentum. God bless you! Pray that He will fill you up and bless you (and us) with the overflow.


  3. I like the fact that you are allowing the content to sit on your heart. Good writing takes time and effort, and you are allowing for that.
    Personally, I have no issues with less posts, I like savoring your work. God is blessing me through your posts,rest quietly in that knowledge.


  4. Bill, I know God is leading you in the direction you are to go and I think it is wonderful that you are listening to Him rather than to what you wanted. I will be praying for God to continue to bless you and bless us through your writings and whatever He directs you to do in the near and distant future.


  5. I understand with experience recently in our life. I will be praying. It’s good for you and it will be good for your path of life ahead. Rest well.


  6. Like others I have only been subscribing for a little while myself and will miss your presence here. Stepping back to re-think direction is necessary for all of us. I do appreciate your honesty. I do pray that during your absence you will be hearing from God and emerge back with some awesome articles. Your reading audience will be here. We are not going anywhere:-)


  7. Great idea….Praying you find this decision beneficial. …it will also help me to live with each post longer and receive fewer! Thanks for all the work you have done. I am always challenged or encouraged by what you share


  8. Bill, thank you for all the encouragement, nourishment, insights that have overflowed from you each day. It will be a loss, not having your daily blog, but I fully understand where you are and fully endorse your decision to have a break. Please be refreshed in the Grace and Love of God, and may all you have done to encourage us all, be returned to you in good measure and in overflowing surprises. I will pray for you with great thanksgiving.


  9. Bill, I guess I am a pretty new reader, and started when someone forwarded a particular post my way. I want to affirm your decision, and the work itself. I have shared many of your posts with others when a particular excerpt is used by the Spirit to make something come to light, etc.

    Just yesterday, the excerpt from Merton ended up at our dinner conversation at a man dinner we had at my house. 8 men around the table discussing being distracted, deluded, confused and what to do about it.

    I will work on the archives and re-read the ones I have saved myself since I have started reading. I pray this blessing over you as you revise your schedule and work on other things: May the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you; may he lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace……so be it in Jesus name.

    Shalom, Jeff

    On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 2:46 PM, Richer By Far wrote:

    > Bill Britton posted: “I’ve realized lately that it’s time for me to take a > break from the daily publishing of this blog. I need to step back, rest, > attend to some other things and other people, and give myself more time to > live with the content before I publish it. I’ve resist” >

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    • Thanks so much Jeff. It’s very gratifying and encouraging to hear from my readers. I know the Lord is in this, as he has been in the previous years of posting, and I’ll excited to see what the future holds. Thanks for sharing about your “man dinner.” I’m jealous. (Merton is as relevant today as ever. Just started reading the Seven Storey Mountain a couple days ago.) God bless you brother.


  10. Bill, I have been with you for some time now. I shall miss you in the morning but understand you need to follow the direction being placed on your heart. Praying you will enter into a time of rest, renewal, and be filled with His peace.
    Peace be with you.


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