Daily Riches: Summer Vacation Break

Hi everyone. I will be on vacation this week, so I won’t be sending out any Daily Riches from richerbyfar.com. As always, I really appreciate your interest in and support of the blog. Thanks for reading and sharing, and for your prayers!

While I’m away, don’t forget there are about 450 daily posts from the last 18 months. I’m sure there is something there you haven’t seen and that may encourage you as you seek after God and God seeks after you. (see below)


3 thoughts on “Daily Riches: Summer Vacation Break

  1. Bless your week, Bill. And again a debt of gratitude for your posts and for introducing me to Dan Clendenin. As one commenter said, “You should be read by thousands.”


  2. Hi Bill
    Have a well deserved vacation. With my thanks for your encouraging and inspiring work day by day. I will enjoy looking back over past posts. I always enjoy that. Now have a great rest and be refreshed. Warm regards, Vernon


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